About Us


Rank and Profit has been around since 2006 in some form or fashion.  It started with Mike Sireci and it has grown a bit since then.  Now there’s guys like Craig on the team, Lord help us all.

Back then the first site was built with html code from scratch.  Today we’re still in the know about html, but we’ve also learned a thing or two about WordPress and other odd creatures like Joomla.

More importantly we know how to get sites and videos to rank, whether they’re yours or ours, so that we can increase profits.  Who really cares about rankings, at the end of the day, unless it leads to profits right?

We’ve used our own knowledge and abilities and services on our own businesses and we’ve helped out many others along the way.  In 2013 we decided to enhance what we had to offer to other businesses and where we wanted to go to let the world know that we exist.

We could share a lot more details about us, such as:

  • how we’re all parents and
  • Mike likes to run in road races and
  • Craig likes to go crazy with the spices during his grilling experiments
  • or how we nearly froze to death trying to save turtles on the beaches of Florida and Alabama a while back.

But in the end, we’re just down to earth people that are making a living helping businesses get more leads and make greater profits, and having fun doing it along the way.  We look forward to getting to know you and helping you too. And, who knows, maybe we’ll have a few adventures with you in the near future, as well.

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