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Five Steps to Winning the SEO Battle and Getting the Rankings You Want

The majority of internet users get their shopping information and make their purchasing decisions online.  With all of the competition on the web, having a website isn’t enough anymore.  SEO HelpPotential consumers need to find your website over and above your competitors or your website is of no real value to you. But when your site is optimized, it gets found by consumers that are searching for what you have to offer and then everybody wins.

There are millions of sites out there on the web.  While luck or lack of competition in some random areas can allow you to rank in some areas, it will be inconsistent and won’t last.

We follow a five step process that will help you and your sight be the one that gets found by potential customers.


Step 1: Site Review

website review

We establish where you are in the marketplace now, define the audience you want to reach and the products or services you want to prioritize.  Then we find the keywords you’re ranking for now and the ones you should be ranking for and plan out how to engage for maximum  results now and going forward.


Step 2: SEO Strategy

seo strategy

You want the consumer to be happy with your site in order for them to stay longer, engage more and call or visit you as a result.  You also want the search engines to like your site so that they will rank it higher.  We help to make sure your site makes both happy.


Step 3: Site Optimization

optimizing your website

Starting with the fundamentals of on-site search engine optimization, we work with you on your site to give it a technical advantage. We’ll take a detailed, methodical approach to your landing pages, meta data, content, code and more.


Step 4: Build Authority

build authority

Part of your ranking in the search engines is determined by the links that are pointing to your site.  We focus on building quality links from sites that have high authority and trust in the eyes of the search engines.  This not only helps with your ranking now, but also helps to ensure quality rankings in the future and has the added benefit of increasing the traffic to your site from quality prospects.


Step 5: Analysis & Tracking

analysis and tracking

We establish where you are now and then we track to see where and how your site is improving.  Then we know where to put our efforts to continue to improve and you know that your investment is generating a worthwhile return.


More for Less

Our focus is to help you generate more and better rankings and greater profits.  We’re confident that if we do our job you’ll be happy and want to continue to do business with us for a long time.  SEO is proven to have one of the highest ROIs for marketing dollars and is especially useful because it helps to both increase your visibility and draw a more targeted audience, leading those customers who are ready to buy to your site.  We believe we can help you do just that and make SEO a win for you, for your customers and for us too.


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