SEO Strategy

We Need to Clarify Where You Want to Go and Build the Best SEO Strategy and Campaign to Get There

During this phase of the SEO campaign we will develop an in-depth content, optimization, and conversion strategy to achieve your goals. Once complete we will have a strategy mapped out, this seo strategywill become the “playbook” for your SEO campaign.

From Step 1: Site Review we will have a baseline report clarifying where you are now.  We will work with you in brainstorming sessions and add our analysis to help develop a thorough plan.

With thorough research and an analytical approach we can evaluate the keywords, and then selectively choose the ones that will yield the most relevant traffic of qualified visitors to your site.


Among The Tasks We Will Work On Are:

  • Content strategy
  • Site and page optimization strategy
  • Conversion strategy
  • Set goals for rankings, traffic and conversions
  • Identify all key phrases and targeted landing pages
  • Identify metrics of success
  • Evaluating and planning the best keywords


Keywords Alone Aren’t The Answer To Optimizing Your Website

The reason is that we need to appeal to two entirely different groups…your visitors and the search engines.

Certain keyword phrases may make the search engines happy, but come across to the end user very poorly.  Your site needs to not only appeal to the search engines, but also needs to be attractive to the visitor.

A big part of your SEO campaign will be to focus on choosing keywords that will integrate with your web copy, optimize your search engine performance, and yet also appeal to the end user.

Step 3: Site Optimization


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